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The Triple

Similar to the double, this video analysis option offers the hitter a side by side comparison to a professional hitter that includes voiceover commentary as well as graphic overlays of key positions in the swing.  The unique aspect of "The Triple" is that it also includes a personal training plan for the hitter so that he or she knows the proper drills to practice in order to help improve weak areas in the swing.  You will be sent a detailed hitting practice plan that includes links to specific drills as well as how often (sets/reps) each drill should be performed.  This takes the guess work out of your training and allows for the most efficient way to improve the swing.  Think about this like an exercise or weight loss program that you are trying to design on your own versus receiving guidance, advice and direction from a professional trainer/coach that will insure you are working on the correct things in the correct order.


Cost: $99.95


Audio Commentary

Graphic Overlays

Pro Hitter Comparison

Personalized Hitting Program

Follow-up Video Analysis


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