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How to send your swing

in 2 easy steps

STEP 1: Film It

Use a phone, tablet or other video recording device and film 3-5 swings from a side view standing approximately 10 feet away from the hitter.  You should be able to see the hitter's feet and bat throughout the entire swing.  A rear/side view that captures the pitcher and hitter is also essential as it allows us to discuss timing which is the backbone of hitting.  See below for optimal views. 

(this should be about a :30-60 sec video clip max)

Recording Tips


Hitting a moving ball is best!


Attempt to get the entire body and bat in the video.


Hitting with a homeplate in the shot is recommended.


Keep the camera as steady as possible.  A tripod or other mount is ideal to use when filming.


Hold the camera as shown in the picture (landscape or widescreen).

STEP 2: Send It

Simply attach your video clip to our email address by hitting the link below

or text the video clip to


Send Your


Here is my swing!

Receiving your video analysis

Within a few days of sending your video clip you will receive an email link to your video analysis as well as any other documents that were included with your purchase (hitting drills, etc.)  If you have any questions or concerns about your video please reach out to us at

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