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"My 10 year-old son, Sam, has improved and excelled in all aspects of youth baseball as a direct result of his training through Schaefer baseball and his personal training.  Working with coach Schaefer has been great! He truly loves the game of baseball and is excellent at teaching the fundamentals.  Coach Schaefer’s passion for the game is apparent in how he teaches and works with players.  As a parent, I appreciate his flexibility with scheduling, but more importantly, my son's personal training has produced results on the field.  Sam is more confident on the field and in the batters box.  He is making plays and hitting the ball harder and farther with regularity.  I see that my son is truly having fun playing baseball by being more successful on the field.  His love of the game has only been enhanced by coach Schaefer’s camp and personal training lessons. I whole-heartedly recommend coach Schaefer for personal training and his camp for summer fun!"

-Steve J.

"I knew my son needed different instruction from someone other than 'Dad" and the camp was a great starting point which we were able to build on during the personal instruction sessions.  The camp and personal instruction sessions changed my son's approach to the game and taught him how important basic fundamentals of the game are.  In the one week of the camp minor changes to his batting stance, swing, throwing and fielding were immediately noticeable.  These changes gave my son the basic tools to do things the right way and become a more competitive player on the filed.  The methods used and taught are excellent and easy for a ten year old boy to understand and related to.  Coach Schaefer uses pro player swings, videos, pictures, live swing breakdowns and easy to understand terminology that allowed my son to grasp the idea being taught."

-Dave H.

"I would highly recommend both the camp and the personal instruction.  My son attended the camp and both he and I saw an enormous change and improvement in his overall game.  Recently my son took four personal instruction sessions which allowed us to see even more improvement.  My son's stance, throwing and fielding improved greatly.  He loves the game and I wanted to give him the opportunity to do things the right way.  Schaefer Baseball Camp and the personal instruction sessions did and continues to do just that. Lastly, its clear that Coach Schaefer loves the game and teaching it. Seeing the overall  improvement in my son, simply put, makes it more fun for him,  Knowing he has the potential to be better and too see that start to come out is rewarding."

-Kevin S.

"I am so thrilled!  Zac has been struggling with his hitting and confidence at the plate.  Last night he had some solid, hard hit line drives for the first time!  He had a jump in his step and truly looked like he was excited to be out there playing."

-Chris M.

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I hope all is well. If you recall, you worked with my son Tim last summer.  He was a big kid for his age, who never hit with power. He got cut from middle school and Connie Mack in 7th grade. He persevered and kept trying, and made both this year. I told him to think about your lessons before each at bat. He hit his first legitimate home run for this spring (no fence, but he hit it in the air into the woods!). I missed that by 15 minutes, but I saw him hit a near 300' fly ball over the head of the right fielder for Connie Mack- bases loaded with 2 outs, for 3 RBI's. In another game, he went 0-2 in a different at bat, and fouled off 9 pitches until he finally worked a walk. I remember you saying you were going to work on giving him the tools to start making these competitive teams. Wow, we're believers!

Tim G.


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