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The Home Run

This video analysis option offers the hitter a side by side comparison to a professional hitter that includes voiceover commentary, graphic overlays of key positions in the swing and a personalized hitting program with specific drills to help you meet your goals.  The unique aspect of "The Homerun" is that it also includes a follow-up analysis for an opportunity to see the progress made over a month or more of training and practice.  In general, we take a close look at your current swing, provide you with specific drills to help develop a more consistent and powerful swing and after adequate time to practice, you will send me another video of your swing and we will compare your original swing with the new and improved version.  This is a great way to see how you are developing and will show you that with disciplined and purposeful work on your swing that great results are inevitable.



Cost: $119.95

An example of a personalized hitting plan

Audio Commentary

Graphic Overlays

Pro Hitter Comparison

Personalized Hitting Program

Follow-up Video Analysis


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