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Pro Hitters

Bryce Harper

At only 23 years old, he had an amazing 2015 season hitting .330 with 42 HRs.  He uses a tremendous amount of lower body in his swing which allows him to generate amazing torque and power despite not being one of the bigger players in the league.  

Carlos Correa

Correa is just 21 years old and had an outstanding rookie year in 2015, hitting .280 with 22 HRs.  He has a very simple and smooth swing that looks very likely to produce great statistics over his career.  He mixes a great shifting of his lower half with excellent hand position and action throughout the swing.

Mike Trout

Trout was a first-round pick by the Angels in the 2009 MLB draft, and made a brief major league appearance in 2011. He became a regular player for the Angels the subsequent season, and unanimously won the 2012 AL Rookie of the Year Award. Trout finished second in AL MVP voting in 2012, 2013 and 2015. In addition to being named Most Valuable Player in 2014, he won the 2014 AL Hank Aaron Award.  He is another young player with excellent swing mechanics that has limited hand movement and great lower body action.

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