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Hitting Drills

There are an abundance of drills for practicing the swing, however, simply doing a bunch of drills and thinking you will become a great hitter is like thinking that by exercising a lot you will have a great body.  If you have not looked around lately, many Americans are overweight and in many cases obese while a large number of them exercise often.  Why is that?  There are a number of reasons, but one of the biggest is because they are aimlessly slaving away at their favorite exercise machine or other form of training without doing the things that are really going to get the best results.  This drills section is to provide you with some ideas of the things that may help you on your way to improving your hitting.  Most of them are drills that should be done by hitters at every level of the game.  For a more in depth break down of what drills would be best for you please check out the Triple or Homerun packages on our Video Analysis page.

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