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The Stance

Just a simple look below reveals that there is no shortage of unusual stances.  I often say the stance is like your fingerprint, completely unique to you.  There is something unique and different about every players stance.  I rarely ask players to change their stance unless it is causing problems in the steps to follow.  The fact is how you stand has very little to do with the end result of how well you hit, however, to me, the simpler and more athletic, the better.  Here are the most important things a good stance should have:


1.  It is comfortable and relaxed.

2.  Proper gripping of the bat with loose hands (knocking knuckles lining up or close to lining up with each other).

3.  Some knee flexion

4.  Both eyes are on the pitcher


Check out this great ESPN special on batting stances

ESPN E60: "Art of The Stance"

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