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Our summer instructional camp series is offered as a half and full day option.  Each day begins with a thorough dynamic warm-up and review/introduction of the fundamental skills of baseball.  The morning sessions continue with developmental offensive and defensive drills and instruction.  Schaefer baseball camps have a strong focus on repetition and fun competition via instructional stations. Skills and fundamentals covered throughout the week include: infield/outfield play, pitching, catching, hitting, and throwing. Instructional video is used throughout the week to help players retain the information learned. Other highlights and camp favorites include our daily Wiffleball tournament, team challenges, afternoon games, slip and slide day and our week ending skills challenge.   As long as the player has yet to advance to play on the 90ft. field, these camps are for them! 


We also offer hitting camps for baseball and softball players ages 9 and older that provide an in-depth analysis and instruction that is second to none.  Players will learn how to properly time a pitcher and develop a consistent approach that will allow them to improve their consistency and power at the plate.  

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